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Studio Wah has suspended its Art Tours until 2004, should conditions improve. Haiti will be celebrating its 200th Anniversary next year and the country will be filled with festivities. We hope we will be able to travel with you.

The information in these pages will be available shortly.

Program Details

Our Art Tours is detailed here with the places we visit, with schedules, prices, and other important information for your visit to Haiti.


Planning a visit to Haiti on your own? We have provided a few facts and tourist information as a starting point for your trip.

Haitian Culture Haitian Culture

Rich in its history, people, art, music, and religion, Haitian Culture is unique in the Caribbean. Visitors report that upon visiting, you either develop a love or hate relationship with Haiti. If you go there prepared with a little understanding of its history and culture, we are certain you will surely be connected in some ways.