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Art Advisory Service
Studio Wah will begin offering Art Advisory Service in mid 2004 in partnership with the Haitian Art Appraisal Society. Please be advised that there will be a charge for this service and we will be happy to forward our Fee Schedule to you.

This service is for collectors interested in starting, or expand on, their collection of works by Haitian Artists, or artists whose works are influenced by their Haitian identity. Some of the services we will offer are:

  • Assist in developing collection strategy
  • We ensure that you have the necessary insight to make informed decisions
  • Assist clients to grow and manage their collections
  • Incorporate art assets into tax and estate planning
  • Our interests will be solely for the client
  • Foster collectors’ individual interests, tastes, and needs
  • Every inquiry or purchase is completely confidential
  • We report opportunities in the market
  • We make recommendations tailored to your tastes and thoroughly research the work for authenticity, significance, provenance, condition, and pricing
  • For new collectors: We’ll introduce you to art market and culture, crafting with you a personalized collecting program
  • For experienced collectors: we’ll assess your collection and, should you wish, develop plans to upgrade, edit or refocus your art activities
  • We can represent you in private transactions and auctions
  • Our goal is to obtain the best price and highest quality for you
  • Curatorial Management: Art is a valuable and often delicate asset, requiring professional maintenance and management
  • Maintain comprehensive art insurance
  • Maintain an active inventory database
  • Arrange shipment, installation, storage and security