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About Us

Studio Wah was conceived in 1993 in Marcel Wah's military dormitory while serving in the United States Air Force. Upon separating from the military in March 1994 after eight years of service, Marcel moved to Berkeley, California, to pursue his education in fine arts and a new career.

In December 1994, Studio Wah was registered as a business entity and went online in 1995 to promote Marcel's work. Shortly after, Marcel decided to extend the web site to include the other artists in the family. Then in September 1995, Studio Wah Haiti was born--an art supply store to help artists with much needed materials. Studio Wah Haiti, unfortunately, ceased its operations in February 1999 due to a fire that destroyed not only the store, but the family house as well.

Studio Wah is dedicated to the art and culture of Haiti in an effort to share the beauties of this island nation with a wider audience. Marcel hopes that the works you will view on the web site will inspire you to learn more about Haiti, its culture, and its people. Studio Wah is especially interested in highlighting the work of modern Haitian painters to show the range of artistic styles growing from Haitian roots. In addition to promoting Haitian art abroad, Studio Wah works to help artists within Haiti. Our relationship with artists there ensures that they can continue to have an outlet in which to display and sell their work.

Marcel Wah's aspiration is to open an art school in Haiti that will provide quality art education that will attract foreign students. Opening the art supply store was a first step in realization that dream. It served the artists' needs by ensuring access to quality materials to produce their work, instructions on how to use these materials, but more importantly, it offered them workshops that addressed issues in their art career.

Following the closing of the store in Haiti, Marcel went on to pursue his interests in publishing. A year later in 2000, Marcel decided to go to graduate school for his Masters of Fine Arts, which he completed in May 2003. During those three years, the web site has experienced little growth and we are working at changing that. We apologize for the inconveniences this has caused our patrons and hope we can regain your confidence in becoming one of our clients.

Please take some time to read about our Art For Humanity program.

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